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The the zimbra-collaboration-suite offers a high-end webinterface including shareable calendars, online documents, chat and at the same time imap- and pop-access for clients like thunderbird, outlook or a lot of mobile clients like mobile phones, handhelds ...

Cyrus-Imap-Server is still running for special demands, but we ask you only to use it in special case and after consulting with us.


Please be sure to read Zimbra-Setup-Page when you use zimbra the first time cause you have to check/edit a few settings

zimbra-backup-server is a real-time-backup of zimbra. If the zimbra-server is not available you can try to access your mails via
Please note that this is only a backup-server that does not store any changes you make. If you add an adress to your adressbook, create a new appointment in your calender, store a email in the SENT-folder ... it will gone by next midnight when the new backup is written to this server.


migrating from cyrus/horde to zimbra

Most accounts are migrated from cyrus to zimbra in the meantime. We consider cyrus as depreciated but use it for backup-solution for special needs. Standard-users must not use cyrus anymore !!


No matter if you use zimbra or cyrus/horde, please note that all your passwords and emails are transfered unencrypted so it is possible for attackers to sniff this passwords and get full access to your emails. Its very easy to prevent this by just using SSL/TLS-encryption for incoming and outgoing emails. In most emailclients you simply have to select “server uses SSL/TLS-encryption” for incoming- and outgoing mailserver.

handling mailadresses on the server


For users that do not have access to a emailclient with clientsided mailrules or for dealing with high-volume traffic you can use servermailrules.

Every user can define a wide range of webrules online. Webrules are simple rules that will be applied to incoming emails before the mail is actually delivered to the mailbox. This rules may help you to sort your mail to subboxes, reject unwanted adresses, forward mails to other accounts or create an autoreply-message while you are out-of-duty.

Please note that pop-users should not sort their mail to subboxes, cause pop does not fetch mail from subboxes.


The very basic interface should be selfexplaining for experienced users.

Please not that zimbra has its own interface for mailrules, so zimbra-users should use the zimbra-interface.

creation/modification of mail-boxes

so called “master-accounts” can create new mailboxes for their domains via a webinterface. Each mailbox can receive the mails for one or more emailadresses. Different to many other systems the name of the mailbox can be completely different from the adresses this box will receive.

To create new boxes you can logon at the webinterface:

create and modify accounts

please note that each “master” has its unique prefix to distinguish users from differnt domains. The prefix is in most cases a number and a dash. This prefix is automatically added to new mailboxes if its not added by the user. So all mailboxes for a certain set of domains will - in example - begin with ‘67-’. The name of the mailbox is the username for accessing the mailbox via imap/pop/webmail/mailrules.

Please note that you can setup for each mailbox if the mails for this mailbox should be delivered to the cyrus/horde mailsystem or the zimbra-mailsystem.

Always be sure that exactely one of this mailsystems is checked. If none is checked then mails to this mailbox cannot be delivered. If both are checked the goldfisch needs more resources than it should be**


There is a own page deticated in fighting spam : fighting the evil

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